Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nuclear Power

I'm surprised the hear Tim Hudak says," They wanna make sure that their kids do better than they did. They wanna make sure that great Canadian tradition of each generation doing better than the last stays strong." The TIm Hudak Progressive Conservatives are proposing policies that will ensure Ontario moves backwards and policies that will not allow the next generation to be strong. The PC's are purposing a costly Nuclear energy project, that is neither cost effective or environmentally friendly. The last nuclear power project left Ontario with a crippling debt of 30 billion dollars only 2.7 billion of which has been paid off, that nuclear power project did not come in on time or on budget. What person wanting to allow the next generation of ontario to thrive would purpose a nuclear power project that will lead Ontario into crippling debt. Shame on Tim for masquerading as a man of the people when his policies will lead Ontario down a dark path of social services cuts and debt.

Monday, 12 September 2011

First Debate

Yesterday was my first political debate! It was a great day. I had my opening and closing statements:

I am excited to be here with you this afternoon, and hope that what you hear today will allow you to make an informed decision. I have been a resident of Beamsville all of my life, and I am the third generation of my family to live in Niagara West Glanbrook my mothers family lived in Smithville and I sit in my grandmother’s pew at Smithville United Church. I am committed to working with residents: business owners, parents, community activists, and anyone interested in helping me to more effectively represent the issues that matter to them. The Green Party of Ontario presents a new, sustainable perspective on government, and my goal this election is to offer a bold vision of sustainability, that has no commitment to special interests or inflexible established policies. I’ve often heard that the Green Party of Ontario is unelectable.

Greens in Ontario have come a long way, in 2007 we received 6 times more votes than all other minor parties combined and we averaged 8% of the popular vote. Some of our candidates placed second and third their riding, we are ready to build on these gains. As we think about the long term progress and direction of our civilization, we see the need for sustainability not only in the environment but in the job, health care, economic, and education sectors. We see that the challenges we face require creative solutions and new ways of doing things, they require something other than the traditional left and right wing parties. It’s time to elect Green MPPs to Queen’s Park. Never before has the Ontario political landscape been so dismal. The Liberals and Conservatives lack the vision and courage to lead Ontario into its rightful place in the 21st century. Ontarians must stand together to correct this miscarriage of democracy. It is time for a party with a bold vision and a leader with the courage to bring sustainability to Ontario. There is no better leader or Party than Mike Schreiner and the Green Party of Ontario.

Many Ontarians view the Green Party as a single issue party, every party has a central paradigm that gives it force. Ours is sustainability. We believe in environmentally sustainability but we also believe in fiscal sustainability. We are the only party calling for a balanced budget by 2015 all of the other parties are not purposing to balance the budget until 2017. Sustainability is certainly underlined in our environmental policies but it is at the core of our entire platform. Our bold platform developed, by thousands of Ontarians, covers all major sectors: jobs, economics, energy, health care, education, transportation, food and farming, and government reform. When we talk about sustainability we are dedicated to looking beyond an exclusive focus on the near term, whether that be the four year political cycle, or the next quarter. Instead we want to think about the long-term progress and direction of our civilization. The choices we have made thus far are not sustainable and won’t work in the long term. We need creative solutions for our problems. We know a vote for the old parties will result in more of the same: more taxes, more environmentally unsustainable practices, more cuts to social services, like under the Mike Harris conservative government. It’s time for a new approach on politics, its time for fiscally responsible government, it’s time for an environmentally responsible government, it’s time for a government that acts on behalf of ordinary Ontarians, and their families. It’s time to election Green MPP’s to Queen’s Park.

I will give you three good reasons to vote Green:

1. Create Jobs in a 21st century economy

2. Harness safe affordable energy

3. Promote Health

4. Feed communities

5. Deliver government that works for people

I really enjoyed debating with Liberal candidate Katie Trombetta and Anthony Macro, unfortunately Tim Hudak was unable to attend. I understand that Tim Hudak has many obligations as the Leader of the PCs however Niagara West Glanbrook is his riding and we are the people that might elect him. I think the other candidates and audience participates were frustrated, by Tim Hudak and hoped at the very least he would send a stand in. He did not. With the upcoming election and Niagara West Glanbrook maybe voting Time Hudak in, I hope he remembers to spend some time in his own riding, because it is hard to vote for someone that is never in the riding and inaccessible locals. With many great questions including questions, regarding the Green Energy Act and the windmills, mid pen highway, and downloading to municipalities. It seems to me that Katie, Anthony and I had similar views on all of theses issues with small differences and we all want to represent citizens effectively and the issues that matters to them. I hope that the debate was informative.

Together, we can be the change we want to see.

It's time, Niagara. Vote Green.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Beamsville Fair

The writ has dropped and we are in election mode! Come by the Beamsville fair this weekend to ask questions or just drop by for a visit. I will be there Saturday 10-2 ready to answer anyquestions you may have. I am also looking forward to the debate Sunday, and happy to be promoting a platform that offers Ontarians new, sustainable solutions to the problems we face today. We know that a vote for the old parties will bring more of the same: more taxes, more environmentally unfriendly approaches, more cuts to social services, like the cuts made under the Mike Harris government. It's time for a new approach on politics, it's time for fiscally responsible government, its time for environmentally responsible government, its time for a government that acts on behalf of ordinary Ontarians, and their families. It's time to elect Green MPP's to Queen's park. Please contact 905-563-8828, for a lawn sign or to volunteer.

Together, we can be the change we want to see.

It's time, Niagara. Vote Green.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Harris Conservatives

"Under my leadership, the debt retirement charge will come off the residential hydro bill. Families have paid enough ... we're going to get it done," Hudak told reporters during a stop in Ottawa Wednesday.

I am so pleased to hear that the leader of the official opposition has the desire to lower the burden on Ontarians by taking away the debt retirement charge, this will certainly be a big plus for all citizens in Niagara West-Glanbrook. Its really admirable that politicians are promising to reduce our taxes, but I have to wonder at what cost theses reductions will be, will there be drastic underfunding to public services, like the ones implemented during the Harris conservatives. I wonder how the leader of the official opposition plans to eliminate the debt retirement on our bills because our debt can not just be erased, with no interest collected, I think even a third grader would know that. I think to myself, "Will a new charge for the same amount as the debt retirement start to appear on our bills, or will perhaps the cost of a kilowatt go up so the price of our energy bills shall in fact remain the same." It seems to me like a great promise with no real means for implementation especially when the leader of the opposition at Queen's Park is purposing yet another environmentally unfriendly, expensive, and unsafe nuclear power project that will surely leave Ontario with more debt, as every nuclear power project has neither come in on time or on budget. How does the leader of the official opposition plan to take away the debt retirement especially with another costly nuclear power project he has proposed. Citizens should always be weary when they hear promise that are too good to be true.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

True Democracy

We are asking for everyones support to help ensure that true democracy can thrive in Ontario, please sign the petition to make sure Mike Schreiner, the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario is in the debates.

In the 2007 general election, the GPO received 354,897 votes, 6 times that of all the minor parties combined. Voters have a right to hear where all the major parties stand on the issues. We have a shared future, we should have the right to make an informed decision.

Sign the petition and tell a friend

Together, we can be the change we want to see.

It's time, Niagara. Vote Green.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Support Local Economies, Encourage Farming

Chris Josipovic is planning to work on his grandparents farm tomorrow bailing hay, he and his grandparents will probably bail 2000 to 3000 bails which will be enough to feed all of their animals for the season. His grandparents farm is located on the mountain and is about 30 arcs but they farm about 100 arcs. Their family farm consists of mostly livestock: cattle, sheep, and pigs. Chris said, "the farm feeds the entire family on both sides which is about twenty people, giving every member stake a few times a week." It is really nice to met farmers and especially farms in our area because these are the people that allow for local health produce to be available at our amazing farmers markets. The GPO wants to make sure that Ontarians are healthy and are eat good quality local produce. The GPO wants to end one-size-fits regulations for family farms and local food processors; implements smart regulations that recognize the differences in operations, Eliminate tax penalties and reduce zoning restrictions on facilitate local, on-farm food enterprises and innovative sources of farm income, and improve income stabilization programs so they are more accessible for family farms, cover a wider range of products and don't penalize farmers who experience bad years. These are some of the ways the GPO wants to promote local farms and provide fresh local produce to Ontarians.

Chris commented on the profitability of farms saying, "I'd love to farm but economically it doesn't make sense especially if I wanted to start my own farm because of the necessary start up capital. " This is a problem across Ontario. In Ontario we have less then 7000 farmers under the age of 35, too many of our youth are not going into farming because it just doesn't make finical sense. The GPO wants to make farming profitable so our youth want to farm and we can provide healthy food to all Ontarians. The GPO would do this by Establishing an Ontario Food and Farming policy Council to coordinate planning across ministries and consult diverse stakeholders on programs, regulations and legislation, reward farmers for steward ship practices that provide environmental and community benefits such as clean water, habitat preservation and carbon storage, and invest in rural infrastructure, research and innovation, plant-based manufacturing products, distribution hubs, farmer co-op, organic and specialty crops to support farm incomes. The GPO wants to ensure that citizens of Niagara West-Glanbrook continue to farm our beautiful land and can do it in a way that is finically and environmentally responsible. The GPO is ready to stand up at Queens Park and ask the tough questions so that we can address issues around farming and getting farming back on track.

Together, we can be the change we want to see.

It's time, Niagara. Vote Green.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sorry Earth

On Friday, June 24, the Conservative government once again embarrassed our country on the international stage. We alone prevented the United Nations from adding chrysotile asbestos to the global list of hazardous substances.

We won’t allow asbestos in our homes and offices. We are spending millions to remove it from our Parliament buildings. Here in Canada, we know asbestos is hazardous. Yet year after year our government refuses to let the world officially recognize it as hazardous, because they want to continue to export it to developing countries without even a warning label.

Our government has behaved shamefully on this issue, and when you behave badly there’s only one thing to do: apologize. Since Stephen Harper clearly won’t, the Green Party is apologizing to the rest of the world for our country’s disgraceful position on asbestos. We invite all Canadians to join us in saying “We’re sorry!”

We're all sorry for allowing our government to make poor choices that do not reflect the values of Canadians, choices that will harm future generations. Canadians are honest, decent, concerned about social justice, and hard working people. We deserve good quality health care, education, social services, and true democracy. When I see our elected government making poor choices that do not reflect Canadian values I am disheartened. Still I am able to keep the faith because I know despite the poor choices of Harper government, I know that these are not Canadian values and I know of so many Canadian sticking to their values. They are strong willed Canadians fighting for justice. Thanks to the NDP for the filibuster in support of the postal workers, Brigette Depape (the page who held the stop sign up in the Senate), every Green Party Canadiate, Elizabeth May, Mike Schriener, Sid and Chris Frere, Allen and Charleen Foster, Mary K, Pat Konkle, Vicky Jenkinson, Lauren Smith, Sam S (for their great green picture :), every farmer, teacher, cashier, postal worker. All of these people show me what true Canadians are. We all inspire each other to do more in the fight for social justice and the quest for a government that will make choices that do reflect Canadians and their values.

We must continue to be inspired by one another and stay strong willed in the face of a government that makes poor choices and does not respect Canadians and their values. We must find new and creative ways to express our disagreement with the Conservative party policies.

Congratulations to Bridgette Depape for her brave and creative stance against the Harper conservatives.

Together, we can be the change we want to see.

It's time, Niagara. Vote Green.